Flexible Feeding Made Easy

Flexible Feeding Made Easy

NAAVI was expertly formulated by a board-certified nutritionist to offer flexible feeding options for dogs of all sizes. Not only do our flexible feeding options keep bowl boredom at bay, they also provide unique ways to feed pets of varying sizes and dietary needs.

Ways to Feed:



Fast and convenient, NAAVI can be served right from the bag. Each scoop offers a variety of flavors, textures and aromas making it one of the most irresistible foods you can find even for the pickiest of dogs.


Mixing warm water or your favorite broth to a bowl of NAAVI is a great way to add hydration and enhance the irresistible smoky aroma of your pet’s meal. We recommend a ratio of 1-2 cups food to 1 cup of liquid for an optimal experience. Mix well and watch as your pet’s bowl becomes more vibrant, aromatic and softer in texture for dogs that have trouble chewing crunchy pieces.


Changing your dogs food can be difficult. That’s why NAAVI offers feeding options for those who want to add some highly palatable nutrition to their pet’s established diet. Caloric needs can vary, so we recommend following the nutritional guidelines of your pet’s existing diet and deduct the amount of food based on how much NAAVI is added in. You can add NAAVI to your pet’s bowl dry or hydrated to add a boost of flavor, texture and vital nutrients!


NAAVI is crafted by combining 3 key nutritional components, each prepared using the optimal cooking process to ensure that the natural flavors, textures, aromas are retained. This makes each morsel irresistibly delicious and perfect for treating your pup. Whether you toss them a slow roasted protein piece, a gut healthy probiotic crisp or a nutrient dense fruit or vegetable, your pet is sure to love every bite.


Keep bowl boredom at bay and add variety to your pet’s dining routine by rotating between any of NAAVI’s 3 recipes. Chicken for breakfast and Turkey for dinner? No Problem. NAAVI was specially formulated to allow for rotational feeding without risk of stomach upset that often results from switching between different foods.

AAFCO Statement: NAAVI Slow Roasted Meals are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles for maintenance. This food is intended for adult dogs only.

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