Plasma: The Ultimate Superfood

Plasma: The Ultimate Superfood

Plasma is a natural food ingredient found in all meats and animal proteins and is consumed by animals and humans alike. It is a complete and balanced protein packed with essential minerals and a balanced amino acid profile. In addition, plasma protein is easily digestible. But protein is just the beginning of the story.

Plasma is considered a “Functional Protein” which means it is not only a protein source, but it also contributes to other metabolic pathways that improve health. You’re probably familiar with another well-known functional protein and may not even realize it – glucosamine.

Plasma is backed by decades of research providing a whole-body effect to supporting immunity and inflammation. It affects the immune system as a whole. When eaten, the functional proteins in plasma don’t interfere with the body’s natural immune response to inflammation. Instead, they help the immune system to respond more quickly and efficiently.

Our pets face stress during all life stages including mild and common illnesses, injuries, surgeries, and normal aging. A common thread of any stressor is inflammation. Inflammation can result when the immune system is activated. Inflammation is a normal physical response, usually to injury or illness. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself by dilating blood vessels and allowing increased blood flow and accumulation of cells to the affected area. It’s a crucial response that helps us and our pets – but it can sometimes get out of hand.

This is where plasma kicks in. Plasma modulates inflammation both in the intestinal tract and systemically in the body, preventing cognition loss and reducing intestinal inflammation.

  • By reducing intestinal inflammation, this allows the healthy gut bacteria to really go to work, boosting immunity and nutrient uptake.
  • By reducing joint inflammation, plasma can dramatically help dogs with arthritis or other mobility issues.
  • Finding holistic methods to support normal immune and inflammatory responses is important to keeping pets healthy and enjoying a long life. Inflammation is more than sore joints. When stress or chronic inflammation occurs, the whole body is affected down to our very gut health. We add plasma as a functional protein in all our NAAVI recipes to work in balance with prebiotics, probiotics and healthy omegas to help dogs thrive.

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