The Art of Slow Roasting

The Art of Slow Roasting

NAAVI was crafted to provide an elevated dining experience by combining 3 key nutritional components, each prepared using the optimal cooking process to ensure that the natural flavor, texture, aroma and nutrients of every ingredient are preserved.

When it comes to preparing our meaty protein pieces, which comprise about 80% of the bowl, we knew we needed an innovative cooking process that retained all the quality attributes of our USA-sourced, farm-raised proteins.

Slow roasting allows meats to undergo a gentle and gradual cooking process that both preserve and enhance the natural flavors present in our whole muscle proteins. Each piece is cooked in a smoker at 180-200 degrees for 10-14 hours. The prolonged exposure to low heat enables the natural juices within the meat to infuse and circulate, resulting in superior tenderness, moisture, and taste.

By cooking our meats slowly at a low temperature, the collagen in the connective tissues gradually breaks down, resulting in pieces that are soft and tender. This slow breakdown of collagen and the conversion of tough proteins to gelatin occur more effectively in slow roasting than in baking, air-drying, or freeze-drying. This method also minimizes moisture loss, preventing our meats from drying out. As a result, slow roasted meats provide unrivaled palatability and an authentic texture that help to ensure your dog enjoys a truly elevated dining experience.

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